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Thüringian Bantam

Thuringian Bantams were first recorded in 1793, in the German state of Thüringen.  Originally the breed was known as the Pausbäcken, translated as 'Chubby Chops'.  In 1907 the breed was standardized in Germany as the Thüringer Barthuhn, which translates as 'Bearded Hen'. 

The Thüringian Bantam is now a very rare breed and is under rare breed conservation with the Rare Poultry Society.

In the UK the recognized colours are Silver Spangled, Gold Spangled, Chamois Spangled and Black.

Thüringian Bantams are generally confident, active and can make very friendly pets, being incredibly easy to tame. With their small size, ear muffs and thick beards, they are very charming little hens.  Each hen lays around 120 White eggs per year.

Colours of Thüringian Bantams available at Meadow Poultry are as follows:  Silver Spangled.

Welsummer Bantam

The Welsummer is a Dutch breed, originally bred in 1921 in the town of Welsum in the Netherlands.  The Bantam Welsummers were created separately in both England and Germany, in the 1930's. 

The Welsummer Bantam's UK breed club is The Welsummer Club.

A generally lovely all-round hen and a traditional breed.  Each Welsummer Bantam hen lays around 200-250, 'Terracotta Brown' colour eggs per year.  Generally, Welsummer Bantam hens have a clam temperament, are good foragers/doers and, are not a sitters ~ making their laying season fairly long.

Colours of Welsummer Bantams available at Meadow Poultry are as follows: Red Partridge.

Maran Bantam

The Maran was first bred in Marans, North of La Rochelle in Poitou Charente, France in the 1920's.  Popular in the UK in the 1940's as show birds, today the Maran Bantam is a rare breed.

The Maran Bantam's breed club is The Marans Club Of Great Britain.

The Maran Bantam is a rare breed in the UK.  Maran Bantam hens are generally calm, easy going hens, easy to tame, are hardy and good doers.  Each hen, laying around 220 dark Brown eggs per year.

Colours of Maran Bantams available at Meadow Poultry are as follows:  Silver Cuckoo.


Wyandotte Bantam

An American breed, originally from the state of New York and named after a local North American Indian tribe.  The original colour was the Silver Laced, which is still popular today, the Columbian and Penciled colours followed before the breed was standardized in 1883, reaching England shortly after.

The Wyandotte Bantam's UK breed club is as follows: The Laced Wyandotte Club.

Wyandotte Bantams are a traditional breed, hens are generally calm, docile and easy to tame, are hardy little hens and good doers.  Each hen, laying around 200 cream/tinted eggs per year.

Colours of Wyandotte Bantams available at Meadow Poultry are as follows:  Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Splash Blue Laced, Blue Laced.


Pekin Bantam

Pekin Bantams are true bantams (with no large fowl counterpart).  Originally thought to have been looted in 1859, from the gardens of the Emperors palace in Peking, during the opium wars.  Upon their arrival to the UK, they were originally called the Cochin Bantam, however they were no relation of the Cochin large fowl and quite different, hence some years later were renamed the Pekin Bantam.

The UK Pekin Bantam club is as follows :  The Pekin Bantam Club Of Great Britain.

Pekin Bantams are generally very charming little hens.  Mostly being robust and love to forage, they are good doers and layers of around 180-200 White/Tinted eggs per year.  They are generally calm hens that are very easily tamed, making them ideal pet candidates.

Colours of Pekin Bantams available at Meadow Poultry are as follows:
Smooth Feather ~ Millefuer, Black Mottled, Lemon, Buff, Lavender, Partridge, Columbian, White.
Frizzle Feather ~ Lavender, Black Splash.

From time to time we do have some non-standard colour hens available, please contact us for details.


Bearded Silkie

The Silkie is a very old breed indeed, originally from Asia and appearing in history books dating back over 2000 years in China.  The Silkie reached the UK in the 1880's.  Today scientists are researching how and when this unique breed was created, using DNA of many breeds of domestic chickens, in an attempt to establish historic genetics.


The UK breed club of the Silkie is as follows:  The Silkie Breed Club Of Great Britain.

Silkie hens are classed as large fowl, however their size is similar of many Bantam breeds.  The Silkie hen is generally very easy to tame, calm, docile and adaptable.  They are unique in many ways, most known for their fluffy fur like feathers, also their very dark skin caused by their melanotic gene, Five toes and pompom head crest.  The Silkie's fluffy fur like feathers, do not provide the hen with the same waterproofing or retain body-heat as traditional feathers do on most other breeds, this needs to be kept in mind when considering the hens living environment.  Each hen laying approx 150 White/tinted eggs per year.

Bearded Silkies available at Meadow Poultry are as follows:  Black, Paint, Partridge.


Araucana Bantam 

The Araucana originates from Chile, South America and is named after the Araucano tribe of Native South Americans.  Records dating back to the 1520's mention Blue egg laying chickens in South America.  In around 1914 Prof. Castello imported the Araucana into Europe, then making its first appearance at the World Poultry Congress in the Netherlands in 1921.  The breed was standardized in the UK in the 1930's.

The UK breed club for Araucana Bantams is as follows:  The British Araucana Club.

Araucana Bantams are generally active little hens, are good forages and can become very friendly.  These hens are so unique and charming, yet have become a rare breed in the UK and are looked after by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.  Each hen lays around 180 Blue eggs per year.

Colours of Araucana Bantam available at Meadow Poultry are as follows:  Lavender, White.