Family Owned and Run - Established 2007

Welcome to Meadow Poultry ~ family run and located in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, near to Bury St Edmunds.  Bringing you beautifully charming Meadow hens for your garden, show or breeding program, since 2007.

Breeds available from Meadow Poultry are as follows:

  • Maran Bantams (Dark Brown egg layer),
  • Wyandotte Bantams (4 colours), 
  • Welbar Bantams
  • Thuringian Bantams
  • Welsummer Bantams

Being very selective, keeping to breed standards and good temperaments in all our birds is a must.   We have a holistic approach to our chooks, using natural products where possible ~ with a veterinary nursing background here at Meadow Poultry, prevention is always better than cure.


We believe in keeping our birds happy and occupied ~ Meadow birds live in a natural, healthy environment, free-ranging on grass ~ they love to find all sorts of natural food, sunbathe, have a good dust bath, stretch their legs and relax - all things which make for happy, healthy chickens! 

We are only small and our birds are always of top quality & health - so demand is high and availability is limited.  Our stock has been sold throughout the UK, including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands. 

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Please contact us for details, availability and for any help to discuss your needs.   


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